Cashbox - The home for your personal finance

Ca$hbox helps you to...

  • Save money
  • See on what you spend most
  • Get an intuitive overwiew over all your transactions
  • Manage cash as an account
  • Manage all your accounts from credit cards to bank accounts
  • Get graphical reports of your financials
  • What Ca$hbox is...

    Personal finance tracker

    In cashbox you enter all your expenses and income to keep track of them. At the end of the month you see exactly how much money you spent and on what.

    Graphical cash flow analyzer

    Nice and intuitive graphical presentation of your financial status. Just feel how you spend and earn and have fun optimizing it!

    Cloud based storage

    Cashbox lets you take advantage of the Cloud. No matter from witch device you enter your data, it is stored on our safe servers. Whenever you loose your phone and would normally loose your data, just reinstall the app or go to your webbrowser and login to Cashbox. So see: Your data is back!

    Cross device enabled

    Start working on your phone, enter data of your recent purchase in the supermarket, and then go on to your computer to look at your data on the big screen. Make changes there and then back go out to your meeting and have the data on your tablet available to present.

    Your data

    The data you enter over the time into cashbox will stay fully available to you. You can export and import it as you like. When you decide to close your account, you just export your data into a csv file and close the account while still having access to your valuable transaction history.


    You can enter transactions in many different currencies. Cashbox will provide the current exchange rate to your home currency at the time of entry of your transaction.

    Intuitive design

    We designed Cashbox to be easily understandable and cater to the needs to end users that need an app that just works easy and intuitive to be ready for everyday use.


    We have a tight feature schedule, that will frequently put out new features to cater to users needs. You can actually shape the future of cashbox, by providing feature requests and vote for them.

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    Some Of The Core Features Of Cashbox

    Things that make it easy to keep track of your financial data and have fun doing so!

    Cashbox´s core approach is to make it extremely easy and intuitive to create full transparency for your financial life.
    With cashbox´s intuitive analyzing features you will have a lot of fun looking at your financial data, and understand it better to accelerate saving and eliminate unneccessary spending loopholes.

    Categorize your transactions

    You can create custom categories and sub categories and sort your transactions by category.

    Track multiple accounts

    Create multiple accounts that represent your real world accounts.
    Like bank account 1, Cash, Credit Card and Paypal for example...

    Tag your spendings

    Put individual tags onto your transactions to make browsing for them more intuitive.

    Awesome Financial Dashboard

    We designed the financial dashboard with financial mathematicians to optimize it for single view transparency. Use the tools of the "big boys" to build up your wealth.

    Motivating notifications

    You enter your financial transactions. Your cashbox notifies you weekly how you perform, and where you can improve.

    Social/collaboration features

    You can share financial data via email. For example prove to your buddy how much money you lent him - and when.

    Sign Ups


    $ Recorded transactions

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    Words From Our Users

    Some feedback our users have provided so far.

    App Reviews

    Solid app

    I like that I can keep track of my spendings and know that I loose my phone everything is still there.

    @Jane, US
    Samsung Galaxy S4

    Works fine, looking forwar to more features

    The app works fine without crashing, that is nice. I could use a few more features though.

    @Frederick, US
    Google Nexus 5

    Data Import is awesome

    I have used other apps to note down my spendings before. I could import this data to Cashbox, and that was just great! Happy user of cashbox now.

    @Brian, US
    Nokia Lumia 920

    I love the tags

    In cashbox I can add my own tags to every transaction, which makes it really easy to find similar transactions later. That was just what I needed. Thank you!

    @Ingrid, Germany
    iPhone 5

    Helps me to discover "purse holes"

    Sometimes its just crazy how spendings add up without you even knowing. Cashbox helps me to discover that. Everyone should use it.

    @Markus, Germany
    Asus Zenfone 5

    Enter on the phone, view on the computer

    My old app was great on Android, but I switched to cashbox because I could use the webbrowser to view everything on my big computer screen to do more serious evaluation of my income and spendings. Will never miss that again.

    @Stefan, Austria
    iPhone 6

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    Pricing Plan

    Cashbox pricing is simple: Free in the basic version, paid in the pro version.
    The basic version is suitable for many users, and makes fully sense.
    The pro version has advanced features available. Once you get in touch with your money, you might want to have them working for you :-)

    Our advise: In the beginning you go with basic, check out how good cashbox is, and if more features are of use for you, you go pro!

    Pricing Tables - features


    Great value, no fees.
    • Cashbox account
    • iPhone App
    • Web App
    • Mobile browser support
    • Share transactions to other users


    $4 monthly
    Greater value, fair fees!
    • All features of basic account
    • Create shared projects
    • Ad free apps
    • Send in transactions via mail
    • Receive transactions from your bank account

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What other users have asked us, or what we ask ourselves from time to time ;-)

    A: It´s a software where you enter all the money you earn or spend. It´s a digital map of your financial life.

    A: Cashbox brings transparency into your financials. No more wondering where all the money went that you just had serveral months ago or what your current financials are. If you care about your finance, want to save up for a goal or want to discover unneccessary spendings you use cashbox to help you.

    A: Financial transactions are entered manually into cashbox as they occur. You can also create recurring transactions like monthly rent that will be automatically entered on the due dates. If you have a supported bank account you can let cashbox automatically pull transaction information from your bank or credit card account.

    A: Cashbox share allows you to show financial information to others.
    Example: You lend an acquaintance money from time to time, because he has a short time. He "forgets" some of the money you have lent him. With cashbox share you quickly browse for the transactions that relate to him, and share just these transaction information with him. He will be able to see an overview and should remember again to pay you back.

    A: Cashbox team lets you invite another cashbox user to a financial project. Both users can see all the transactions that belong to this financial project and both users can enter transaction information. A typical scenario would be a family account to keep track of family money.

    A: Yes. You can use cashbox as an app on mobile devices or with a webbrowser on your computer. If there is no app for your specific mobile device, just access with the webbrowser of your device. The cashbox page is optimized for small screens.

    A: No. The standard cashbox account is free. However there is a premium account that you can pay for if you want to have additional functionality. Learn more in the pricing section.

    A: We want to help everyone who wants to improve his financial awareness doing so. Since we also have to make a living, we add advanced functionality for users that are willing to pay for them. These advanced features are exclusive to premium accounts. A list of these features can be found in the pricing section.

    A: You can easily make a full export of all the transactions you have entered over time into a csv/text file. You can then import this data into other programs, work on it in excel or reimport it into cashbox again.

    A: Not really. Your Cashbox data is stored in our secured cloud servers. Whenever you enter data into your app on the phone, it will be synchronized to a cashbox server. If your phone did not synchronize for some time because you had no internet access, the last unsynchronized transactions can be lost if you loose your phone.

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